Penny Kelly


Penny, Cropped

7th/8th Grade ESAP English/Social Studies
Room 208


Our Emotional Social Adjustment Program is a collaborative team of professionals which include our school principal, Jean Woods, our school psychologist, Steven VandenBerg, our ESAP math/science teacher, Myles Crawford, and myself. Our program is designed to offer students the structure and support  they require to experience academic and social success. Each student receives a highly individualized continuum of services to ensure a positive junior high experience and to prepare them for the demands of high school.


About Me

I have been teaching in the Gilbert Public School District since 1998. I have spent time in the SCILLS classroom at Highland High School and Desert Ridge High School. I then moved back into my true calling, working with students with emotional disabilities. After three years in the ESAP program at the Desert Ridge High school, I moved to Desert Ridge Junior High School where I have been for the past 11 years. Prior to moving to Arizona in 1998, I taught students with emotional disabilities in Springfield, Illinois at the 6th/7th grade levels, for nine years.